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Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Purchaser / Lessee (“purchaser”) acknowledge (a) that information and / or documentation, relating to the business and / or locations (“facility”) listed on and furnished to purchaser by Atlanta Business Brokers LLC (SRBOA REALTY INC) not been previously presented to or made available to Purchaser except through Atlanta Business Broker LLC. (b) That the information will not be disclosed by Purchaser to anyone without the prior written consent of Atlanta Business Broker LLC and (c) that the Purchaser will not enter into any meeting, negotiations, or agreement relating to such facility except through Atlanta Business Broker LLC.

Purchaser acknowledges that Atlanta Business Broker LLC has not conducted any independent investigation, verification, or evaluation of the information provide to Purchaser, and that Atlanta Business Broker LLC offers no warranty or representations concerning the accuracy of the information. Purchaser agrees to rely solely upon Purchaser’s own independent inquiry and research relating to such facility prior to closing Receipt of this agreement to acknowledge

Dual Agency

When Atlanta Business Broker LLC lists a business for sale it becomes the agent for the Seller. Atlanta Business Broker LLC usually works with the buyer too, and by this relationship it also becomes a buyer agent. This creates a dual agency which Atlanta Business Broker LLC represents both parties.

Full Disclosure:

All agents must fully disclose all pertinent information known to the agent or to the party that agent represents. Buyer and Seller also must always, under Georgia law, disclose all relevant facts, which would influence the sale of business.

Prospective Buyer

Non-disclosure agreement