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Driss Senhaji

Licensed Commercial Real Estate Agent and Business Broker, operated a number of distinguished restaurants in Atlanta, He has been successfully marketing restaurants and related entities throughout Atlanta for more than 15 years. His experience and knowledge of the Real Estate and restaurant industry, encompassing more than 250 successful transactions, makes him a tremendous asset to his clients. As Broker and founder of The Atlanta Restaurants Broker, Driss ensures the clear communication and smooth escrow process of each transaction from contract to closing. His inherent business sense and years of expertise make him uniquely qualified to find the fair, common ground between seller and buyer in order to reach their collective goals.

As an operator Driss knows the tremendous potential as well as challenging demands any current or future business owner must face, from start up through expansion, and evaluating strategies for acquisition and divestiture. Sales, operations, human resources, project management, and strategic planning are just a few areas Driss has extensive knowledge and practical experience